That’s You! (Quality TV Edition)

He Said:  That’s you watching Men of a Certain Age:

She Said:  No argument there.  Ray Romano’s Joe Tranelli is my Sajaya.  Wow, remember when he was a thing? 

Men of a Certain Age is one of those shows for a specific audience - not male and not even “of a certain age.”  You just have to love stuff like beautiful acting, perfect writing, massively flawed and funny characters, and surprising yet believable stories.  If you’re into that sort of thing, I guarantee you’ll get a huge crush on the show.

You probably know Ray from his sitcom, Andre Braugher from Homicide and Scott Bakula from when he was Murphy Brown’s soul mate.   

He Said: Actually, most guys know him from Quantum Leap and Star Trek Enterprise.

She Said:  Not familiar.  Anyway, on this show, they make you laugh and break your heart every damn week.

Here’s Ray having a heart-to-heart with the guy who called his daughter a whore. How many dads would do that?

He Said:  Not yours, and he sure had the opportunity.

She Said:  My favorite parts are Ray just nodding for five seconds (0:46-0:51 amazing) and how he quotes Rocky: “There’s gaps.”  The ideal partner fills gaps. The guy doesn’t really get it and hasn’t even heard of Rocky.  Instead of getting pissed off that this lovesick kid is clueless about a great movie, Ray just says it doesn’t matter.  As you can also see from this clip, men of all ages fall crazy in love with women.  This is basically the anti-Entourage where a bunch of short guys prowl around LA screwing women exponentially more attractive than they are.  Yeah, I know the littlest one was supposed to get married, but they’re all still knobs.  (Okay, I loved the first couple seasons, but then, shut up, it went off the rails and you know it.)  

Anyway, watch and adore:

Here’s the three friends talking at NORM’S.  I love it - the conversation goes from actual dicks to being a dick, with wonderful little jokes the whole way through.  It makes me want to go there and stalk them, even though I know it’s a set and not the real NORM’S down the street from me.

Ray and his son, Owen and his father, and Terry and, oddly enough, his career, have all made me cry.  And what about Ray’s bookie Manfro?  How insanely brilliant is that guy?  The whole show is just a gem.

He Said:  Well, now we can both be the sobbing girl at American Idol because it just got canceled.  What a shitty, stupid thing.

She Said:  Whatever your age or gender, rent it, buy it, watch it.  It had two perfect seasons, and deserves to be seen and loved by all. 

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